Our animals are offered the highest quality proteins, grains, vegetation and pure clean water daily for optimum well-being. They live a happy and content life.

For Farmers

Exotica Bird Farm respects the efforts of the dedicated Poultry and Agricultural Organizations and Groups listed here. Support of these organizations helps promote agricultural, livestock and poultry awareness.  


Due to their commitment to agricultural education through livestock promotion and preservation, breed standard awareness and the support and development of flock owners, farmers and hobbyists, we are able to respect and fully appreciate the American Farmer...while conserving the remarkable and unique breeds of poultry and livestock available to us today. We encourage your support of the following Groups and Associations:

Farm Aid

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association

American Grassfed Association

The American Poultry Association

Small Farm Conservancy

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy